Bulk SMS Resellers in Nigeria

Have you started your own bulk sms reseller business?

Have you started your own bulk SMS reseller business? A guy just asked me that question, and I was wondering what made him ask. He was all excited as he gave me a quick lecture on how I have been missing out in the  new multi-million dollar business of reselling bulk sms to fellow Nigerians.

At first I was a bit confused and I was wondering if anything spectacular had happened within the few days I went offline (I took a break from the virtual world to face some pressing issues). As much as I can recollect, bulk SMS has been available as an online business opportunity for more than two years. Well, it didn’t take quite 2minutes before I recovered from the initial shock from his question. He helped me without by unwittingly mentioning the phrase “multi-million”. Whenever I hear the phrase, “multi-million dollar” or “multi-million naira”, my security antenna gets fine tuned. Such phrase often accompany “get rich quick scheme”. This is naija you know. If you play the “mugu”(fool), you may not even live to  regret your action. Anyway, in this particular case, it wasn’t about 419 or Nigerian Scam as foreigners will term it. It is about an old business that some con artists are parading as a new discovery.

Online sale of bulk SMS is indeed the new business-craze in town. Not that it is new elsewhere, just that Naija brothers and sisters have decided to zero in on bulk SMS reselling as the new online business that will bring in the million fast.  In case you don’t understand, the politicians have made it a taboo to think on anything less than seven digit income.  Everyone talks about making a million (naira or better still dollar) as fast as possible. Gone are the days of working patiently for years to build a fortune.

So, whenever a naija brother or sister hits a jackpot with a business idea, be rest assured that within a few weeks, many wannabe entreprenuers will abandon whatever they’ve been working on and rush in to make theirs too (even though many business mentor has pointed out that this is not the way to do business, yet, the lure for quick cash won’t let them listen). It amuse me when I see such rush by newbie entreprenurs who fail to find out how the first guy went from raw idea to achive business success! It is not about duplicating a business, it is all about learning how it works and working SMART. Ok, enough of my personal view.

Bulk SMS is the new business idea rocking right now in naija. Online Forex Trading seems to have lost its appeal. At least those who want to be a millionaire overnight are no longer seeing forex trading as the way to get rich overnight. No thanks to those who have exposed the deceit behind those Forex Trading Seminars. David Ajao won’t be forgiven by many of the con artist. I learnt that the sale of automatic forext trading robots to naija newbie forex traders have dropped significantly.

What is bulk SMS by the way?

Ok, so what is Bulk SMS? First, SMS means Short Message Service .  Bulk SMS  is simply a way of sending simple text messages to numerous contacts at once using the internet instead of your cellphone and you need not go through your telecom service provider. Am not quite sure the Nigerian Telecom operators such as MTN, Glo, Celtel, Zain, Etisalat etc love this idea, because it robs them of the abnormal revenue they make from Nigerians for each SMS sent via their networks. The telecom providers charges for SMS is higher than that offered by bulk SMS resellers.

Why use Bulk SMS?

I just told you.

1. It is cheaper. Unlike your service provider who will charge a higher fee for delivering the same text to a contact on a different network, bulk SMS gateways will deliver all SMS messages at the same flat rate irrespective of the destination.

2. It is easier to send to numerous contacts. Actually toyou can send SMS to millions, within a short time, for example, you can send a message to a million contact in less than five minutes. Once you have purchased the required credit, you upload a list of the contacts and write out the SMS message. One click will send to 1 contact or 1million contact, it is simply your choice.

3. You can schedule the delivery. This is another great feature. You can actually write a message now and schedule it to be delivered at a later date.

Bulk SMS Reseller Business

Ok, so how do I make money online from bulk SMS reselling. Simple, get a reseller account, (I won’t provide any link here because I am not promoting any) you can Google for it by typing “Bulk SMS resellers in Nigeria” into any of the popular search engine. Once you get a reseller account, the next step is to get clients. Yes, you need people who will buy smaller packages of the bulk SMS from you . For example, if you buy 5,000 units of SMS at the rate of 3.5naira per message, you can offer to sell each packages of 200units at 800naira. That is far cheaper to the 5naira that Nigerian service providers charge per SMS, so be rest assured you have a ready market. Also, you can design a website and offer to send SMS on behalf of people. Once they pay you, you simply send the SMS on their behalf to the list of contact they provide at the point of sale. This is a cool business for youngsters. You can sell the service to those wanting to announce an event e.g. a wedding ceremony, burial ceremony or a corporate event. I guess you’ve received such an SMS in recent times.

Some bulk SMS gateway provide the facility of inputting the sender’s number, so that you can actually receive reply. However, some charge a fee for such.

Is Bulk SMS reselling for me?

Well, only you can tell wether bulk SMS reselling is for you. I never encourage anyone to engage in a business he or she does not have passion for. It is easier to succeed at a business you are passionate about than one that irritate you. Now you know what Bulk SMS reselling business is all about. It is not a new business, but for Nigerians, it is a new way of making money online.

Will Bulk SMS Reselling Make me a millionaire?

Well, it all depends on you. Several successful entrepreneurs started off with business ideas that didn’t look promising, and yet they became financial giants. If you get yourself equipped with the right knowledge, set a goal for yourself and work persistently on it, this may actually give you an opportunity to make your first million. However, I must warn you that it will not happen overnight.

Warning: Scam Artists use Bulk SMS as a tool

Some will not agree with that it is not possible to make a million from SMS reselling overnight. I understand, such must have been told the story of someone that started Bulk SMS reselling and hit the first million naira within 30days. Yes, that is “possible”. It is done by sending fraudulent messages to unsuspecting people telling them funny stuffs to get them to reveal their bank financial details or part with some cash. I have received several SMS congratulating me that I have just won a million naira from my telecom provider. The sender name reflects the name of my Telecom Service Provider or her code, however, I knew they were fake because my telecom provider will never inform you that you have won a gift via text message. Instead, a phone call will be made and there will be announcement on the electronic or print media. So when next you receive a text message claiming to be from any of the Nigerian Telecom service provider informing you that you have just won a million naira, remember, this post ;-). That is Bulk SMS being used by a con-artist to dupe you. If you’re greedy enough, you would have coughed out some cash before realizing that you’ve been defrauded.

Ok, enough of the gist. I guess it is high time I go get myself a Bulk SMS reseller account. Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? For future updates to this post Bulk SMS resellers in Nigeria subscribe to my RSS free updates.

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  1. mike says:

    naijaEcash, i have been going tru all the comments and i noticed that its(this forum) been on since 2009-date. i am about to venture into this business.the person that is already in it says that i should pay 32,500 if i want my own website.i do actually want a website.we were ones colleagues and i know he has a website because he is already in the business.he also wants me to be patronizing him for units. my questions goes thus-
    1. do you think i should pay N32,500 to him, for him to design a website for me if i am to be buying units for him because he claims to be in partnership with another company which i dont know of. but from various comments av read in various sites i learnt that i can also buy and resell units.
    2. do u think he should design the site for me free since i will be buying units from him, because some companies offer to design sites for free for the individuals that will be patronizing them. thank you

  2. Dare says:

    I assume you are serious about venturing, so let me try to explain a few things to you.
    a) If you are going into this or want to patronize your friend because he is your friend, then you need to do some more research and thread carefully.
    b) N32,500 is not too much to pay for a branded website that is plugged to a portal. Remember its not a regular website. If this website is unique to you and not a template shared with other resellers, then its good to go at that price. Some other people may charge you less but I know some providers who go as much as Euro350
    c) If you haven’t started, I doubt if you can survive on a white label reseller deal (WLR). What I mean simply is that to own your website, and market the products in your name etc will be a tough challenge. Competition is so stiff now that you have to be known in the market to make an impact. So rather than a WLR, think about a franchise
    d) I will suggest a franchise similar to how DSTV, Mr. Biggs, NIIT, MTN sell out their franchises. You leverage on their brand name and then get a discount on their prices. You will not be able to sell outside the price offered by the franchisor.
    e) Not many providers offer the flexibility of white-label resellership and the franchisee. ZimobySMS does. We actually have 3 levels of partnership. If you want to learn more about the differences and how to get started, please visit zimoby.com or speak to one of our representatives on 08033100036. For email, please contact info@zimoby.com


  3. mike says:

    Dare thank you very much, but with zimoby, do i still need to have my website or i can use the website to resell my credit at any price?

  4. jimoh says:

    i once came across this biz(bulk sms reselling) but I was wandering how to go about it.
    I have much passion for this. i will be very happy if anyone can explain to me how to start the biz(from scratch becos it is new to me). may be WLR or branded website ownership. pls explain i don’t understand this. are those two ways above the only way to market bulk sms. pls help me out. thanks. I shall be expecting your reply by mail abio.adio(at)yahoo.com

  5. sani says:

    pls do you have any idea on how to sell the bulk sms to banks

  6. Large Reseller says:

    I have used http://www.smslive247.com for 4 years now and I like their reseller store option. You should give it a try.

  7. dare says:

    There are several pioneer companies like smslive247.com but none has brought innovation to this service like Zimoby (www.zimoby.com). The unique features laid out on the dashboard is more than enough reason to want to use the platform. We looked at all the good features of popular bulksms website and ensured you get everything included in the portal. The site also offers multiple partnership opportunities such as:
    a) Wholesale buyers
    b) White Label Reseller
    c) Franchisee (see a previous post in this forum)

    We recommend the Franchisee as this gives you the opportunity to leverage on a brand name like Zimoby and yet be in control of your customers. You setup your customers, recharge their accounts, collect your money etc. And if you are not there and your customers come to Zimoby to purchase credits, the system automatically sells the stock from your credit and places the money in your e-wallet account with Zimoby. No other bulksms site provides this flexibility.

    If you want to know more, you can call Doja on 08033100036 or login at http://www.zimoby.com


  8. dare says:

    Recently, our customers have asked for a feature to send automated birthday messages to their friends and relatives using Zimoby BulkSMS service. Giving that it is difficult to remember our spouses’, children and friends’ birthdays (too many things running through our minds), we thought it was a good idea to have Zimoby bulksms platform do this seamlessly for you.

    Accordingly, we have implemented a set-it-and-forget birthday module with the following features:

    a) ability to create unlimited standard birthday messages which can then be used to send messages to similarly grouped recipients eg you could create a message such as “Happy birthday to a dear friend” or “Happy birthday to my darling”. When recipients are added, you can choose “Happy birthday to a dear friend” to all your friends and then use the “Happy birthday to my darling” to send to your spouse.

    b) ability to set time of the day to send out birthday messages to recipient

    c) ability to add an unlimited number of recipients. For each recipient added, you have the option to select from the list of standard messages created above. Only one message can be selected at a time when adding a recipient

    d) recipients can be edited, deleted or made inactive. Inactive recipients will not receive messages at their birthdays

    e) standard Messages can be created, edited and deleted

    f) recipients GSM numbers not already in your “Owned GSM Numbers” will be automatically added.

    g) a pre-delivery alert message is sent to sender to notify that a birthday message is going to be sent to a recipient. This feature helps avoid an embarrassing situation where a recipient receives an automated birthday message without your knowledge. Imagine a situation where someone calls to thank you for a birthday message from you when in fact you have forgotten that the message was sent out. Our customers love this feature.

    h)a provision to use tags in message content. Tags allow you to personalise messages. Eg If its desired to mention the name of the celebrant (recipient) in the message, you could set a standard message such as “Happy Birthday {firstname}. Many Happy Returns”. When the system sends out birthday messages with this standard message, all recipients assigned this standard message will receive the message with the {firstname} tag replaced by their first names. Eg “Happy Birthday John. Many Happy Returns”

    We are proud of this feature. If you haven’t joined Zimoby, there is no better time than now. Registration is FREE and can be done online at http://www.zimoby.com OR call Doja on 08033100036

  9. dare says:

    Amina / Chinedu,

    When can we start working on the Association. Amina suggested ABSRON as a name and I think I like it. We need to start the legal stuff and publicity to draw in as many foundation members as possible…

    Please get in touch. My email is info@zimoby.com or obello@vangage.net

  10. AMINA says:

    The bulk sms buiness in Nigeria is still virgin, and the market is so large with great opportunities, thus, it can acomodate all serious minded resellers. there is actually an unhealthy and an uncontrolled prices. We wonder most often why on earth a reseller will buy sms at say 0.0045 USD WHICH IS LIKE N0.68K and wants to sell N1.00 AT ANY Quantity. from the investigation I done, most of this resellers have no physical office, they dont pay rent or staff salary etc.

    ABSRON must be constituted and the requirement to become an sms reseller will be
    1. own a website
    2. have a treacable office
    3. Have a registered COY with CAC
    4. Have a registered company with NCC
    6. Ability to pay annual legal fee
    and many more that can be suggested
    we have contacted some bulk sms companies and have also visited their offices and they have given us go ahead, but unfortunately we cant reach every body , we have the Fedral Govt backing on this project
    we actually need a take off capital to do a wide publicity for others to join. after the roll out any bulk sms that is not a registered member will have themselves to blame. more details will be unveiled as time goes on

  11. efe kingsley says:

    i just not wont buy and resell but to own an sms company and to know were they do buy from

  12. Thank you Dare for your lessons and advise.

    Setting up Bulk sms reseller association may be a good idea but what are the benefits to members? What will be the aims and objectives? If it is to regulate price I’m sorry it may not work. The big GSM providers also have different price regime. That is what privatization and market forces entails. However, if the association will be set up in order to promote members business, protect genuine resellers from the bad eggs, and make the business more lucrative with different innovations, then you are on the right path.

    Thank you
    Prince Ade-Johnson´s last blog post ..All About Data Recovery

  13. Fourat says:

    If someone had all the requirements to start a sms broker business (website, office, sms gateway, tech stuff …), to which telecom operator (or sms provider) will he connect in order to route his traffic ? it should be very cheap so he can add value on it, sell, make benefit and be competitive in term of pricing, delivery delay and coverage.

    So i think getting the right provider is the most big priority.

    Where can someone get such providers to start his success story 🙂

  14. Suyog says:

    Can anyone help with some clients in Nigeria?

  15. Send Bulk SMS to over 180 countries worldwide with high priority gateways via smssites

  16. Toyin says:

    Yes “being an SMS Reseller is a lucrative business, both in terms of earnings and client satisfaction”
    Take Advantage of our offer at

    Get your Own Reseller Site
    Get SMS for N0.95 from Nigeria’s Cheapest source of SMS.
    Sell at your price.

    For info send sms or call 07089575757
    This offer is Limited.

  17. Seun says:

    For our reseller platform,we charge jut 12,000 to set up the platform for you and it is set up within 72 hours.We sell to resellers @ 1.30k and you are given 1000 free units upon registration. You can come to Suite 301,3rd floor,56 opebi road,by salvation busstop,opebi,Ikeja to make payment or you can make payment to out bank account if you are not based in Lagos.

    The account details will be provided to you upon request.

    You can send an email to anneomojola@yahoo.com or call 08022010519 .

    Offer valid till end of June.

  18. umoh says:

    SMS business is a secret gold mine only if you get the right gate way that gives you good profit margin. I registered as a reseller with 1nairasmssite.com. their offer has really been impressive, their Gold package is 0.90k, Silver Package is 1.15k while their bronze Package is 1.40k you can then set your own price and make your profit.

    umoh´s last blog post ..About Us

  19. CHIZY says:

    What is this war between Bulk sms companies in Nigeria and MTN Nigeria.
    what is the fate of some of us consumers that rely mostly on the cheap rate of bulk sms when MTN hijacks the bulk sms
    can some one here tell us what is really happening

    ok, what if Glo,Airtel, Atisalat visafone all join to do the same.

  20. Legend says:

    visit plegendsms.com for ur quality and cheap sms solution…. We have no problems with MTN. We set the pace

  21. umoh says:

    I have been using http://www.1nairasmssite.com for 3 years now. they are the cheapest bulk sms site in Nigeria. I send SMS for as low as N1. I make lots of money there as a reseller.

  22. Abbey says:

    For about three weeks now i have been doing serious research on bulk sms selling in Nigeria. What i discovered is that for you to be profitable in this business you must be unique in service offering and delivery.

    Other important thing you must do is to engage in huge advertisement.

    Abbey write in from slot nigeria
    Abbey´s last blog post ..Slot Nigeria-A Nigeria Phone Publication

  23. cyracks says:

    I am really interested in this buksms business but am still searching the bulksms proposal template to use and convince my clients that am real and not fake. if you have any please drop it for me here cyracks2010@gmail.com

    • Whether diagonally, vertically or horizontally viewed, the best will still remain the best. Check it out at bestwebsms.com or call/text 08034614864 or 08098614864 for further details.

  24. Isaac says:

    Have you checked out this site, nigerianbulksms.com? They will design your reseller website for you within 24 hours. They helped me started my bulk sms business and now I am happy.

  25. Agoro says:

    You can become a reseller with smsalertng.com and buy for just 90kobo only. call 07033770367

  26. Agoro says:

    smsalertng.com has the cheapest reseller package in Nigeria, reseller price is just 90kobo. call 07033770367

    • NaijaEcash says:

      Please don’t spam with sales comments. This blog thrives on authors and readers providing useful information with no strings attached. If you don’t have anything to contribute other than soliciting for sales, then I suggest you buy advert space on the blog. Any additional sales comment from you will be deleted. Cheers.

  27. Stanislava says:

    If you need a page to send international Sms use websendsms.com also you can write notes and share them with your friends.



    Yes its true there is money in this business, but it all depends on so many factors. I will be exposing secrets about this business and how to make it bigger in Bulk sms

    1. As a Gold reseller Please don’t buy from a company that is selling above N1.00k
    2. Dont buy from coy selling above N1.20k for silver and 1.30 for bronze package
    If you go against this rule you will never make any meaningful gain, I promise you.

    Owning your own bulksms website can earn you more money, but:
    1. The creation of an outstanding bulksms website goes for between N15000 and N20,000 never you pay more than this amount
    2. Dont create bulksms website without API SWAP OPTION. If you go against this rules you will only become a slave never having the option to swap to better service providers

    I will personally recommend gbnsms.com. They are one of the best and outstanding Bulksms Company in Nigeria.

    If you have any question concerning Bulksms call 08065720903 anytime I will give perfect guide without charges

  29. Yinkus says:


    Pls can someone tell me the Major Provider of Bulk SMS to Nigerian SMS Providers, like where does Companies like BBN sms, kull sms etc buy their sms from and also pls do they serve as resellers to other SMS companies?

  30. tayo says:

    educative thread. answer to yinkus’s comment is highly welcome

  31. dahood says:

    i’ll like to know about the bulk sms in Nigeria, so how do i subscribe?

  32. offor says:

    i would like to be a reseller. what are the requirements?

  33. Chinedu says:

    How To Sell Your Bulk SMS Business For Profit!

    The bulk SMS business is now potentially competitive, and the once seen huge potential seem to have disappeared, as too many people now own or operate their own bulk SMS business. While the demand has not improved, rather many bulk SMS businesses are struggling to grow their business beyond just a handful of customers patronizing them. Even the so called big players are not left out of the competition. Small bulk SMS players are quickly stealing away customers from big players using ‘IM’ – an acrimony for who you know. So far, the bulk SMS market has been stagnant for many and the seemingly price war has even made things too difficult. Although, price wars don’t last since those who are offering low prices don’t even have enough customers to remain competitive, the problem they create lingers for a while before they are forgotten by customers. If you have bought a reseller plan from those big resellers, and you still want to sell it, now is the time.

    Moreover, the purpose of this article is to help you sell your bulk SMS business and not necessary to highlight the problems. Before you abandon your bulk SMS business and allow your investment to waste, you can still get some value out of it. Yes, you can recover some of your money before its too late. And the way to do that is to sell it to interested buyers. As you are reading this now, many others have sold their bulk SMS business and made away with some profit rather than be struggling with sales that has become difficult to come by this days. Does that mean bulk SMS business is no more profitable? Not at all. While its working for some, it’s not working for others. And if it’s not working for you, then, sell it rather than abandon it. If you want to sell your bulk SMS business, either due to the problems or personal reasons, here are just what you need to know and do.

    I know that selling business is not usually obtainable in Nigeria. In fact, it’s strange to all about selling an online business when one can really start one overnight. Even if you try, nobody may buy it from you. So, nobody thinks of selling their business in Nigeria. But that has changed now since the advert of online business. I was amazed when a foreigner bought into an online deal site in business, parting with millions of dollars for that. Although, your business may not get that much, but you can get your business worth if you decide to sell.

    The first thing to consider when selling your bulk sms business is what is the value of your business to potential buyers? Note, I didn’t say the value to you, but to potential buyers. The value to you may be worth millions, but to potential buyers it may be worth as little as N50,000. Just be sure that Buyers are not going to give you what you think it’s worth, but what they think it’s worth. And since it’s even hard to get buyers now, the value may be too small compared to if we have many potential buyers. Also, bulk SMS business is facing difficult times now, so any potential buyer won’t be willing to pay so much. At the end, it’s the potential of your bulk SMS business that determines what buyers pay you for it.

    Look at it this way so you don’t feel you are being underpaid or undervalued. Define the reason why you want to sell. The reason for selling would help you decide how much low you are willing to sell it to potential buyer. Also, decide your target buyers. This is also important is your pricing. There are two potential buyers for bulk SMS business. New and old investors. These two would buy for different reasons. While a new investor would be interested in everything about your bulk SMS business, an old investor would be interested in different things entirely. This is also the reason why they won’t pay the same amount. In some case, old investors might pay more than a new investor if the potential value is high. The value of your bulk SMS business should influence your target buyer.

    How to determine value for your bulk SMS business is simple if you know what to look for. In most cases, one thing not to look at is the website design cost, excerpt you are looking to sell to new investors. Especially if you invested so much in developing your website. This could discourage potential buyers. This doe not suggest that you forget about getting some value for your website. Just don’t place too much priority on it. Find out what the potential buyer is interested in and negotiate from there while including all other cost into consideration. also emphasis more on what the buyer is interested in more. If you push too much on the things he really didn’t need buy is buying because of those he really need, you may be Annoying him and reminding him that he s buying something he may not be needed.

    Things that potential buyers need the most are your site search google ranking, your bulk SMS customers average value, your average monthly sent SMS value, and your active customer repeat purchase value, etc., Your website really won’t be of much value to them, excerpt of its ranked well on google. So, if you have good google search ranking, then you can get some value for your website and domain name. If not, de-emphasize the value you place on your website. Your active customer value is measured by average monthly purchase. If you have 100 active customers and they all bought a total of N100,000 worth of bulk SMS, then their average value is N100,000 divided by 100, which is N1,000 value per customer. For your monthly sent SMS, this must be checked in the last 3 months preceding the sales. This figure is important to potential buyer. This shows that your customers are still active and won’t be a lose if he buys your bulk SMS Business. While your active customer repeat purchase value is a sign that your customers trust you and still patronize you.

    After you have checked all these, now is the time to set your selling price. Use selling price range instead of fixed selling price. For example, fix a range between N50,000 to N500,000. However, you dont give buyer price that way. But this is what you made up your mind to seek based on the value you have identified. The best way to actual define the selling price of your bulk SMS is to evaluate your average customer monthly value. If for example that is N1,000 monthly profit and you have 100 active customers, which is N100,000 monthly, multiply that by 5 and that gives you N500,000. That means the potential selling price is N500,000. Now fix your asking price at N750,000 to give ample room for negotiation. However, if you are selling because your business have some issues or you want to cash out, you should also be willing to come below if you really what to sell.

    Finally, do you want to sell your bulk SMS business? Go straight to (site removed) and fill out the form to expect offers from interested buyers. Note that buyers don’t wish to be known in most cases, so they may buy through middlemen. That is why using online business sell site like (site removed) is ideal. You are not paid directly, and the buyer can’t have access to the business until you have received your money. So using (site removed) is a protection for both parties against fraud and deception from intending buyer or seller. But for helping in executing the transaction, both the seller and the buy pays 10 percent each to (site removed) after a success transaction. While the buyer pays extra 10 percent during purchase, the seller forfeits 10 percent of the amount paid by the buyer to (site removed).

    For my personal consultation you can reach me through my email chinedudavid@outlook.com or call 08139006120 for free consultation.

  34. Heney O Okonkwo says:

    Hello, l have already market for bulk sms, large one, but how much are you going to sell for me to resell? Its higher institution. Regards. Henry

  35. lanre says:

    There are plenty of cheapest bulk SMS providers of bulk SMS in Nigeria.
    smsclone.com offers you the cheapest bulk sms in nigeria.
    Use smsclone.com to send cheap bulk sms.

  36. John says:

    This blog is providing beautiful news about bulk sms resellers in nigeria. It is nice to know about it this is useful information.

  37. John Mclane says:

    Bulk Sms marketing in nigeria with its myriad benefits has become the marketer?s favorite marketing tool. Since it is affordable, convenient and quick, people want to promote their business through this.

  38. John says:

    There are different providers for bulk sms gateway in Nigeria and so marketers have wide variety to choose from. Different providers offer different plans and so depending on the requirements, marketers can choose from and let their customers get the best of their services.

  39. John Mclane says:

    This blog is representing the bulk sms reseller in nigeria and it is nice to read the information. I like such article which is related to the real world.

  40. Spot on with this write-up, I honestly think this site needs a lot
    more attention. I’ll probably be returning to read more, thanks for the info!
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  41. Sinha says:

    One has to be very clear about the marketing plans and then work out accordingly.

  42. Marketing is all about making information reach to customer at right time.
    Whely Bulk Messages´s last blog post ..Voice sms for making marketing personalize

  43. Ikechukwu says:

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