Bad Vibes Are Bad For Business

Bad vibes can be found everywhere; they are not only restricted to your home but extend to your workplace. Criticism is, though, considered a healthy and essential component for growing business. But the distinction between criticism (meant for the good) and bad gestures seems a thin line. Moreover, if you cross the thin line in the presence of your customer (or a potential one), even worse can turn up. One wrong step can prove detrimental for the sustained efforts which can flourish your business.

It is not uncommon to hear tense words, or undesirable comments, from an employer while the potential customer is keeping a watch. You may ignore the short ‘discussion’ as a momentary outcome of an unfavorable situation, but the customer has a smart insight of what actually goes on in the company which engages in such type of workforce. He/she may not even proceed to see your best (of the best) power-point presentation, or the balance sheet, to derive a conclusion.

Some of the customers can even feel otherwise to roll back with bag and baggage. Truly, they are not supposed to be blamed if they feel offended.

Pressure is predictable, so can be the customer

Pressure is inevitable to any business, but handling the pressure is crucial to avoid the bad vibes from entering the ‘front room’. Whether it is exchange of words or gestures, all speak disapprovingly of the business (and those involved in the business).

Customers look forward to having long-term relationships in business, and disapprovals can be red flags. Some customers can go beyond being mute spectators of undesirable interactions between an employer and the employee; their revelation that such acts are unacceptable should be considered warning signals. The revelation can come as withdrawal from a potential deal which could have delivered successfully (but for the ‘front room’ episode).

Studies on the subject indicate that there is considerable damage from employees who quarrel in front of customers. The study, which was led by US academic Valerie Folkes, found that 92% of the surveyed customers who had been witness to an uncivil gesture (between an employer and its employee) showed pessimism about the company and its services. About 50% of them revealed less willingness to purchase the services (or goods) of the company. The reluctance to deal with such a company diverts business elsewhere.

Bad vibes can go beyond tumbling sales data

Somebody’s loss is other’s gain. Customers shifting business due to lack of solidarity between employers and their employees can emerge more a problem in the near future. Customers pay due attention to how employees interact before arriving at a conclusion on the company and its brand.

A company may spend resources liberally to train its workforce regarding welcome gestures to be adopted when dealing with potential customers. However, a small mistake on sight can potentially upset all the efforts and training sessions. The message is clear – nobody wants to indulge in companies which mistreat their staff, or adopt undesirable gestures of expression.

Moreover, the damage is not limited to customers. Employees also feel incredible damage to their self-esteem when mishandled in front of others. The humiliation can reduce motivation and reap negativity within the family (of employer and its employees). This can reflect (adversely) on the company’s sales data and productivity.

A cultural version

The Feng Shui, which is an ancient art and science developed by the Chinese, is implemented for balancing the energies to assure health and good fortune. Another Chinese term, shar chi, is used to refer to negative vibrations. Over time, negative energy can build up in an atmosphere arising out of conflict, tension and stress. Declining productivity and profitability are indicators of negative vibrations in an atmosphere.

A matter of choice

With increasing job insecurity, slower wages growth and rising living cost, the matter may turn uglier if left unattended. It is desirable that organizations adopt a healthy perspective of criticizing their workforce which does not yield unfavorably. Encouraging cultural diversity among workers can work favorably. Organizations can employ workforce belonging to different age-groups to inculcate a healthy workforce. Successful enterprises give the liberty of unbiased positivity, which magnifies manifold and also gets revealed in a strong customer base, with flourishing productivity.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on autos and technology. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently did an article on polar graph paper. These days she is busy in writing an article on bonhams.

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    Great post, people need to know that there is power in what we speak and think and bad thoughts or words spoken-even silently can kill your business
    African Marketing Tech´s last blog post ..If Egypt Can Use The Internet To Revolutionize Their Country- Why Are You Not Doing The Same For Your Business?

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