Are You Earning Peanuts From Google Adsense?

Are you earning peanuts from Google AdSense? You can improve on your earnings. This tips will not make you a millionaire overnight, but they will improve your income if you are willing to work. If you hate WORK and you just want a MAGIC FORMULA or a GET RICH QUICK PACKAGE that will turn you to a millionaire overnight, save your time and stop reading. There is no such thing. Google AdSense is not for the LAZY! Good income from Google AdSense does not happen overnight. It takes time, skill and persistence!

Here are the tips for improving your Google AdSense Earnings:

  1. Treat Google AdSense Publishing as a real venture. You must be committed to work on it until you record success. Remember, an enterprise does not become successful overnight. It takes time and resources.
  2. Make research on Keywords in the niche market that you are interested in. Do not pick keywords just because they have the highest hits from search engines or they are high paying keywords. Instead, it is advisable that you select keywords that you are ready to work with over a long period. It is better you select something in the niche you are passionate about. For example the word POKER is a high paying keyword, however, if you do not know anything about poker you will be doing yourself a disservice building a website around it. Your visitors will simply know that you are FAKE!
  3. Build websites for each keyword you are interested in. Each website should focus on one or at most two keywords. This will help them rank high in the search engine. A website focusing on multiple keywords, will have a tough time getting high rank from the search engines.
  4. Write articles that are rich in content for each website. Each article should be interesting and educating to the human visitors while at the same time it is optimized for the keyword you are focusing on. The content must be such that will add value to the life of visitors (if you are thinking of Robot Generated Articles, then AdSense is not for you).
  5. Optimize each of the website for the keywords you are focusing on. This will produce two benefits. First, it will increase the traffic directed from the search engine to your website. Also, it will improve the quality of Adverts that Google will display on your website (some adverts generate better income per click than others).
  6. Promote your websites. That is the simplest way to put it. There are tons of free e-books and articles on how to do this, but I can assure you it takes resources and time to make your website stand out among the millions of website craving for attention online! I will encourage you to start promoting your website for better traffic.

The tips above are not exhaustive, but a good start. If you have more tips that you have experimented with and they work, kindly share with us in the comment section. See you at the top! Cheers 😉

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  1. Greg Brave says:

    Well, your tips are not very helpful I should say. They are too general and contradict a little your general idea of online business. For example tip number 3. Build sites for each keyword. But if I intend to deliver a great content in my websites, how many such websites I can maintain?

    Greg Braves last blog post..Was the Discoverer of New Zealand eaten alive?

  2. NaijaEcash says:

    [re=253]Greg Brave[/re]:
    Thanks Greg for visiting. I also appreciate your contribution to this discussion. I will respond to the issues you raise one after the other.

    – If the tips are not very helpful, comments from visitors will correct the wrong ideas. So, I have an opportunity to learn new tips while subsequent visitors will have a better overall picture.

    – That the tips are general is true. I am not devoting my blog to an exhaustive review of the workings of Google AdSense as an online income earner. The topic is broad, so I only attempted to touch the parts that I felt I could comfortably speak about. My target is NEWBIE entrepreneurs, not veterans in the field.

    – Tip number 3 is not contradictory. Your blog is a good example of what I was pointing out. Your main keyword for the entire website is “New Zealand”. Your focus is on that particular keyword. That does not mean you did not make mention of other issues not related to New Zealand, only that over 85% of the content is focussed on promoting the keyword that you are focused on. The only clarification I will make to the number 3 tip is that “By a keyword, I am referring to the word and any other synonym by which it could be searched for in the search-engines”

    – To generate good income from Google AdSense you must need focus on a particular keyword. That is the reason why some webmaster have One Page Website which is highly optimized for Google Adsense. A website that is about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING cannot generate good income from Google AdSense.

    – Your last question does not have a general answer. Individuals differs in ability and amount of resources they possess. If you ask me, one blog is enough work.

    I do hope I answered your questions. I am willing to learn more from you. Thanks for visiting. I visited your blog and enjoyed your articles. Cheers 😉

  3. Your tips are good for the general audience.

    But since that is what your blog targets, you should keep it up.


  4. NaijaEcash says:

    Thanks for visiting and dropping a comment. It is a pleasure having you around. Cheers.

  5. wealth says:

    thats a good write-up there

    wealths last blog post..How To Make #50,ooo-#500,000 Monthly

  6. Noobpreneur says:


    Good general tips!

    I think your #1 tip is the most important one – many people treat AdSense as, well, side-income.

    Thanks also for leaving a comment on my blog 😉

    Noobpreneurs last blog post..How to Invest in Web Properties the Pro Blogger Way

  7. I think you should see this.

    Someone just sent it to me and I thought I should pass it along.

    Again, congrats on the great work my brother!

  8. NaijaEcash says:

    Thanks friend. That was a nice review. I read it.

  9. beibee says:

    good tips generally.
    can we have more?

  10. ben says:

    thanks bros for the indepth info,it is what we need to let other people know especially people who trick other into believing that the adsense program is a get rich quick scheme.once again thumbs up bro.

    bens last blog post..BLOGGING TIPS FOR NEWBIES

  11. Naijaecash says:

    Thanks for visiting and commenting. I love your blog theme. It rocks. 🙂

  12. Tom OKeefe says:

    Of all the startups/websites that use Google Adsense as their main revenue model (according to their earnings per visitor (EPV) is just $0.06. Even with these poor earnings 22% of startups/websites rely on Adsense as their main revenue source.

    Tom OKeefes last blog post..Product Sales Top Earnings per Visitor, Adsense the Lowest Earnings

  13. Hakeem says:

    Is it possible to earn a living on adsense in nigeria

    Hakeems last blog post..John Mccain: A Matter Of Character, By John Chuckman

  14. admin says:

    It is possible, but it cannot be achieved overnight. It will take a lot of LEARNING, putting into practice what you have learned, HARDWORK and being PATIENT to see the result turn out over time.

    There is no short-cut. You must learn what works and what does not work and then put your experience to work. Starting a website today and pasting google adsense on it right away is not the way to get an income from Google Adsense.

  15. ur tips are wonderful.
    i started adsense prgm about two months ago, and ive gotten about $6.88, i presently use article to drive traffic to my site.
    will be grateful if you can help with any ebook on adsense

  16. Felix says:

    Good info man. Nice write up. Adsense can be a blessing and a curse really and needs full time attention to make any reasonable income

    Nigerian newspapers

  17. Bimbo says:

    How do i download a free ebook on adsense tips?


  18. Nd says:

    Thanks for the article

  19. Abraham says:

    I like to make money with google adsense but i dnt have the site yet and i dnt even know how to go about it. Pls help me out.

  20. ryan locke says:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  21. I remember getting a call from someone wanting to know if he could use robots to rake in cash with adsense. I ended up telling him to stick to his day job as making money online is hard and every shortcut to it is dangerous like getting banned from adsense etc.

  22. I beg to differ oh! In as much as you have to target a maximum of 2 keywords per site, targeting a high paying keyword is an ABSOLUTE MUST as the adsense ads attached to them pay higher per click. Please download the free ebook @ this post to see what I’m talking about Good Keyword Research Helps Make Money Online

  23. Paul Onwueme says:

    To answer your question yes, well at least for the mean time. I certainly know that making money from adsense is only possible if you have traffic coming to your blog and this is best achieved by commenting on blogs and article or bum marketing

  24. Gracie Parker says:

    it seems that my Adsense earnings this month have plumetted. i don’t know why “

  25. Liam Martin says:

    Adsense is a great dollar earner if you don’t have a stable job”*’

  26. Mixer Shower  says:

    adsense is of course the best ppc program. they pay the highest

  27. Bunner says:

    adsense is the best ppc paying program out there, there are many alternatives but most of them does not pay as much as adsense

  28. I was curious if you ever thought of changing the structure of your website? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or two images. Maybe you could space it out better?

  29. Kale says:

    We are providing solution for people who are get failed to get adsense account or get ban by Google adsense account fully approved 100%
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  30. This was so informative. I just got started using google adsense actually today and learning the ropes. A friend of mine told me how it works although I’ve been blogging for 3 years now. You definitely learn something new everyday.

    I use to wonder how different people get advertisement on their blogs, but now I know how, and I definitely appreciate the alternatives you shared here. This blog post will be a great reference to me and others!
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  31. Ashley Jones says:

    Very useful post. Thank you so much for sharing. Actually I have heard about clicksor but I haven’t ever tried the others yet.. but i agree with you that recently Google AdSense is becoming stricter. It is necessary for us to find another ways to survive in making money online.
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