4 Mobile WordPress Plugins to Rock Your Blog

Most people access blogs through mobile devices now. Because of that, you need to make sure your blog is perfect for mobile viewing. Since WordPress is so widely used and very simple for maintaining a blog, there are many plugins available that make it perfect for viewing on a smartphone or tablet computer. Here are four of the best worth considering to rock your blog.

If your website isn’t suitable for mobile, there’s not much point in it

WP Mobile Detector

Not everybody uses a smartphone to check the internet. While they seem so popular, some are still using traditional mobile phones. Plugin developers have created WP Mobile Detector with that in mind. The plugin will recognize when someone is viewing from a phone, determine the type of phone it is and then make sure the website or blog loads in a way that is suitable for that specific user.

It can detect over 5000 different types of mobiles and is the first of all plugins to be able to do this. It not only considers the layout of the blog but will resize images, format the content properly and work with the specific statistics of the device. If you don’t download and install any other WordPress plugin, this is the one to get.

WP Touch

The downside to WP Mobile Detector is that it only works for phones; not all mobile devices. There are many readers now accessing through tablet computers. The problem with mobile devices is that they have different needs for loading articles and smaller screens for viewing pages compared to laptop and desktop computers. WP Touch solves that problem.

It determines the type of mobile device used, including the type of operating system, to make sure the website loads smoothly and looks right. Another difference that WP Touch has is that you can change the appearance. You can decide on having a faster and more user-friendly design without the need of changing the code or having any coding experience at all. The different look for the mobile device is standalone and has no effect over the main theme viewed from a desktop.

Allow people to browse on a platform that suits them


MobilePress creates a simple, mobile-friendly version of your blog or website. However, it isn’t as good as the previous two options. The plugin offers a little customization with themes and settings but at the moment simply creates a version that is easily viewed on any mobile device. It can’t tell the type of device that a reader is using.

There are changes to this plugin. New features are due to be added although the developers are not releasing much detail. There are some notes about it being incompatible with other plugins. This can happen with any type of plugin used. The best thing to do is limit use of plugins to as few as possible to avoid these incompatibility issues that can stop websites working.

Wapple Architect

Wapple Architect is another plugin that will turn your WordPress blog into a mobilized version. Like WP Touch, the specific type of device is detected so that the blog will look perfect; no matter what type of device is being used. Its use isn’t to create a basic design of your blog, but to make sure that all the functions work and the user can do everything he or she would want to do on a laptop or desktop computer. There is also no redirection used, unlike on other plugins, so all URLs remain the same.

The developers have created their own tools for recognizing the devices. This means that they remain in full control instead of worrying if a third party will close down. It also makes sure the settings can be detected on the newest products on the market.

Be the blog everyone is sharing and talking about

You need a blog that is suitable for all types of viewing and is dynamic. This means it needs to be ready for mobile. There are many different types of devices to think about, each with different layouts, needs and screen sizes. For WordPress blogs, this is much easier through the use of plugins. However, avoid downloading and installing too many as it can affect the capabilities of your website.

Alexandria Ingham is a freelance writer covering technology, building websites and tips to online reputation management.

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